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Innsbruck is the capital of the federal state Tyrol and the biggest city in the Western part of Austria.

Innbruck is surrounded by tall mountains: Nordkette (Hafelekar, 2334m) in the north, Patscherkofel (2246m) and Serles (2403m) in the south. Only the Western and the Eastern directions are open to have  connections to the federal state Vorarlberg to the west, and to the federal state Salzburg to the Eastern directions.

Two times Olympic winter games were held in Innsbruck: 1964 and 1976. Not much cities in this world were allowed to host the Olympic games two times.

Innsbruck was mentioned in a document the first time in 1187 as "Insprucke". The path through Innsbruck over the Brenner Pass was always a very important route from the south to the north and exactly the other way round. So the city had the perfect conditions to grow and become an important place.